Designs are custom unless you choose my pre-made choices below. More to is under expansion.

                                            CUSTOM CAPES/CLOAKS

Most of my capes are going to need one on one discussion to achieve what you are looking for but at the moment I have one cape that I can make at request and will be expanding on that. The range for a custom cape will range from about $30.00 - $70.00 depending on the detail. Some may even go higher and if it ends up being something really simple it could be lower than $30.00.


Most of my cloth will be lighter linens and cottons so that you can get a flow when you move. I can make them out of anything per a request.




 Pre Vizla Cape .......................................$70.00

Please contact me - more canon capes to come once I have pattern pieces mocked up. I am currently working on a the Boba cape.