FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This is based off of previous customers and consumer questions I have received in regards to orders.

Do you accept other forms of payment than paypal?

The only other form would be a cashier's check sent to me through the mail. I will not take cash or personal checks for reasons most people would understand. I prefer paypal because it allows me to keep your address and record of the transaction as well as be able to print off shipping labels.

I need my order SOON, can you fit me in?

I am a first come first serve basis for orders. I used to do this and I do not feel it is right to those who contacted and paid before your request. I will be putting up scheduled orders on a calendar here on the site for reference to see how far I am booked out. If I finish sooner it will be made apparent.

I want to make some changes to my order...

I know sometimes you can change your mind after purchase or want something different. I am okay with this. If you do have changes to the order contact me. If it is something I can do without significant cost to me I will do so. If you still want to make changes, I will likely have to quote you a labor change price if what I have done so far means a drastic change.

Is there a discount for large orders?

Unfortunately at this point I am not able to offer this. I wish I could. The only break would be in shipping. Most of my items are made to order and completely hand done. I can not offer any sort of discount in general.

Do you have discounts on repeat customers...


I have considered offering this and it still is something I might allow for those that are loyal return customers. As of right now I am not certain how much of a discount to offer but as I do I will list that here as well as the ordering page.