Please read Terms of Service before purchasing.

You will receive a copy on your invoice as well.

You may order here by following the directions listed below and to the left of the order form. All you need to do is list your measurements as required for the product you are ordering. Following the diagrams as pictured below to help you with your measurements. I recommend having someone available to help you measure to be sure it is accurate. 


In the order form, describe what you want ie:

         I am looking for a standard black diamond flak vest with parachute buckles.

         I am wanting to order a hunter duck cloth vest standard.


Following the description of what you want or changes to the standard order, please list your measurements


**If you are looking for something custom, please describe what you want, include pictures if possible and so forth and I will get back to you as soon as possible to help you achieve your wishes.


Finally include your shipping address so that I can complete your invoice and figure out shipping for your order.


Thank You

Measurements for Vests

1) Single Shoulder - from start of neck to round of shoulder.

2) Chest Circumference - Full measurement around.

  a. For females I will need the underbust as well.

3) Natural Waist Circumference - Full measurement around

4) Neck Circumference - Full measurement around

5) Torso - Small of neck to small of back (Or the length you want your vest)


Measurements for Girth Belts

3) Waist/hip measurement - where your girthbelt is going to hit you or where you will wear it. I add about 1.5 inches to the length to account for armor/vest/flightsuit. If you need more or less, please let me know.

Your details were sent successfully! I will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

**NOTE: Payment is only acceptable through Paypal at present. I have no other way to take payment. Keep this in mind when ordering. If the order is large I will likely ask for a downpayment and contact you when I near completion to receive the next. The option to pay in full is still yours.