Below are products that have been made and used by others and approved for use by the clubs that are listed in their descriptions. If you are interested please take a look at the price lists linked to the items below and their description. If you wish to order follow the form on the order page that will send me all relavent information.


Flak vests will soon be discontinued!

Only available until fabric lasts 

Colors available: Grey, Black, Brown, Khaki, White, and Nutmeg Duck cloth

Girth Belts will be Temporarily Discontinued

Only available until supplies last.

Colors available: Purple, Green, Blue, Orange, and Yellow

TFA Resistance Pilots

TFA Resistance Pilot

These costumes are done in runs.

Runs will be announced via my Facebook page.

If you wish to receive info contact me with your email.

Custom Jedi or Sith

Custom Jedi or Sith

As this is fully customized there is a deposit required for the consultation.

The deposit will applied to your cost of purchasing so you recoup it.

If you are interested you may contact me or learn more on the page.