The following information is for potential consumers and buyers of Meridian Creations products. Standard work that is listed on the page will be able to be ordered through the order link. Custom creations will need the purchaser to contact the creator through the contact page.

Terms of Purchase

This order will not be considered confirmed until payment is received by Meridian Creations (“the creator”). Once confirmed, the order will be completed based on the above specifications and measurements provided by the buyer. The buyer may contact the creator regarding questions and concerns at any point, but any changes to the above specifications must be received by the creator prior to the creator commencing production on the order. Once production has begun, the specifications cannot be changed. The buyer will receive notification by email when production is about to commence and when the order is about to be shipped.


Any complaints or problems with the above order must be received by the creator within 3 weeks of the buyer receiving the order. If the buyer has concerns regarding the construction of the order, the buyer should include pictures of the problem when contacting the creator. Refunds for defects that can be repaired by the creator will be issued in a timely manner.  The creator is not responsible for any damage sustained during shipping or after the buyer has received the product. If the buyer wishes, they may purchase shipping insurance at an additional cost.


Terms of Use for Meridian Creations

Visitors to Meridian Creations agree to the following policy in general terms of use. Images and information provided on this site will not be used for any commercial use or reproduction for financial gain. All images used on this website are either use in permission of others or are owned by Meridian Creations. Express permission must be sought to reuse items or images.


This is not a site is a personal webspace representing a single entity.